1. All Tartan Scottshire litters are bred to conform as closely as possible to the Standard of Excellence of its breed.

  2. Airedale Terrier hips are x-rayed in all breeding stock.

  3. We ask that the dog be returned to us if circumstances change and the buyer is no longer able to keep it.

  4. All prospective buyers will be educated as to the nature and special needs of the Airedale Terrier.

  5. Every litter must be carefully evaluated for behavioral characteristics. All puppies will be temperament tested.

  6. We do not sell companion dogs for breeding.  Our companion dogs are sold with an American Kennel Limited Registration.
  7. To ensure the availability of a Tartan Scottshire Airedale Terrier, a deposit may be made before the time of purchase.

  8. For more specific information about a Tartan Scottshire Airedale Terrier, please email us and/or telephone.  Please let us know how to contact you either by regular mail or telephone.

Download the Prospective Owner Information Application shown below if you are interested in one of our Airedales so that we can place the right puppy with the right owner.

Prospective Owner Information Application
(To be printed and mailed)